I Like to Move It, Move It

Apparently sitting down is going to kill us. And that’s even true for regular exercisers. I have to face facts as a work-from-home professional. In the race toward death, I’m in the elite pack charging toward the finish line.

Tips to increase activity usually include things like…

Park your car at the far end of your office building’s parking lot. Hmmm, I don’t get into my car to go to work.

Get up to talk to your co-workers instead of emailing them. I don’t have co-workers (and quite frankly I’m getting tired of these one-sided conversations with our fish).

Those of us whose “Find my iPhone” dot barely moves during a workday have to be more creative. Otherwise we’ll all need to buy one of these awful treadmill desks.

Nice sneakers.

Nice sneakers.

My best tip for getting more activity into the workday would be to set an alarm hourly that reminds you to get up and move for 10 minutes. Easy, right? The trick is…what do you do in that 10 minutes? Walking outside is great, but your neighbors will start to wonder about you if they see you out and about every 10 minutes. It’s probably unrealistic that you would do this more than once or twice a day. I use these 10 minutes to find things that need to be put back, thrown away, etc. (That’s right, I pick things up and put them down.) I aim for inefficiency, grabbing only one or two things at a time, so I have good reason to go up and down the stairs.

I walk around while I’m on the phone. This doesn’t work if you’re taking notes, but for regular conversations, it’s a great way to move around. The only glitch is when you suddenly need to look up something on the computer and you’re two floors away from it. Oops.

Although I’m aiming for movement, I’ll accept anything that isn’t sitting. Sometimes I’ll stand at the kitchen island if I can easily do my work task standing up (proofreading, for example).

What are your tips for preventing “death by sitting”?


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